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Serving the Broadcast Community for Over 25 Years!


       Bart White is a nationally traveled marketing and advertising consultant whose consulting firm, Barton C. White Associates, has developed a reputation for helping broadcasters and retailers understand how advertising can work with minimal waste and maximum impact.
           He is co-author of Simon & Schuster Publishing Group's book, But First These Messages ... The Selling of Broadcast Advertising and author of The New Ad Media Reality ... Electronic Over Print published by Quorum Books. This book uses the latest research in consumer and behavioral psychology to explain the real differences between electronic media and print advertising. His approach during his high-energy seminars with broadcasters is to teach them how to educate their clients, not sell to them.
           In early 2003, as an international media consultant, Bart returned from Cambodia where he trained radio station managers and sales mangers in Phnom Penh how to profitably compete in an emerging democracy. He has also provided similar training to radio station personnel throughout Indonesia, and is currently working with radio marketing personnel operating facilities in Amman, Jordan. Bart finished the last phase of this project in March of 2008.

"If we can teach our clients what advertising can and cannot do and what consumer behavior and marketing psychology is all about, they will make a buying decision in our favor"

       Bart is also helping broadcasters by regularly meeting with retail and business groups across the country to explain to them how to get more "bang" from their advertising dollars by rearranging current advertising spending patterns to increase pre-tax profits in the 21st century. Here's what one happily satisfied client had to say:

Harriet Lange
"Comments were excellent on your "Power Selling for the 90's" Seminar. What a tremendous job ... a great contribution to a successful convention. "Your evaluations averaged a 3.7 on a 4.0 scale - highest of all of our speakers!"

      Bart began his "serious" career as a staff announcer at the top country station in Denver, KLAK AM/FM (now KYGO). During this time, he completed graduate study at the University of Denver and was soon experiencing stints as a Top 40 and country announcer in Wisconsin and Illinois. After being dragged "kicking and screaming" from the control room by a GM who kept telling him he could sell, he began a ten year stint in radio sales that ended in a GM's position in the Jackson/Springfield, Illinois market and eventually to Western Kentucky University where he serves as Professor of Broadcasting, teaching courses in broadcast sales, marketing and management.

Bart's credo in a nutshell is simple:
"... telling the truth about newspaper advertising to as many broadcasters as I possibly can. It is essential that all of our industry salespeople become better trained, better informed and more inventive in their sales efforts than at
any other time in our history."